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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

TR7550 SII

TR7550 SII
  • TR7550 SII
  • TR7550L SII
  • TR7550LL SII
TR7550 SII


Combining a large FOV 3-CCD top-view color camera with four angled cameras for unparalleled inspection coverage, the TR7550 SII automated optical inspection system offers double the inspection speed of TR7550 with linear motor control for precise, high speed vibration free pre/post reflow inspection. The system features a highly flexible RGB+W lighting system with low-angle illumination for better inspection of polarity and black components and is capable of inspecting 01005 fine pitch components in both lead-free and legacy PCB assemblies.
  •  • Vibration free ultra-high speed Inline Color AOI with complete inspection coverage
     • Precise 3CCD color camera ready for 01005 component inspection
     • Advanced RGB+W lighting system for improved solder and marking inspection
     • Linear motor X-Y table for vibration free accurate inspection