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3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

TR7007D Plus


The TR7007D Plus 3D SPI platform is equipped with an improved motion controller (EtherCat) and an enhanced 2D lighting module. The TR7007D Plus can accurately inspect low solder bridges and compensate board warpage for eliminating local PCB deformation. The TR7007D Plus is equipped with two projectors to ensure seamless shadow-free inspection. The SPI solution eases data exchange between the production line and the MES of your choice to enable data traceability for the connected factory.
•  Enhanced 2D Lighting, for higher uniformity inspection.
•  New motion controller, EtherCat, for real-time measurements.
•  Smart Factory solution with Real-time SPC Trends.
•  Closed Loop Ready: Feedback and Feedforward Capabilities.