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In-Circuit Tester (ICT)



Next generation parallel inline ICT+FCT solution offers breakthrough performance Multi-Core Parallel testing with up to 4 independent cores for high throughput. SMEMA-compatible inline handler reduces operator workload and increases throughput, and durable Quick Disconnect Interface together with built-in auto-calibration and self-diagnostics ensure long-term testing reliability.
  •  • New Generation Flexible Multi-Core Parallel Tester
  •  • State-of-the-Art Serial Test Controller with up to 8 ports on any pin
     • Limited access solution and functional test expansion using PXI modules
     • Built-in Self Diagnostics and Auto-Calibration function
     • High-Accuracy Measurement and Testing
     • SMEMA compatible inline high fault coverage test solution
     • Intuitive UI with flow-based easy program development