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Training & Development

In 2003, TRI adopted an industry leading standard for strategic management known as the balanced scorecard. This tool became indispensable for improving internal management and monitoring of development, implementation and performance of TRI’s strategic decisions.
There are four key aspects of the balanced scorecard – Financial, Customer, Internal processes and Learning and growth.
We realized that we can only build successful teamwork by promoting employees’ learning and growth; incentives for personal development create a positive company culture and establish an unshakable foundation for future improvement.


In our performance management system, every employee has to set up an annual personal development plan in coordination with their superior, and TRI arranges and provides employees with related training resources to support and promote their planned personal development and improve employees’ skillset.
Hierarchy Training
 •  Management ability
 •  Taiwanese management accredited training
Functional Training
 •  On Job Training
 •  Off Job Training
 •  Outside training
 •  Department internal training
 •  Company internal training
Self Efficacy Enhancement Training
 •   Off Job Training
Self Development Learning
 •  Sharing practical experience
Outside of the professional training classrooms and arrangement of various training courses, we emphasize on job training arranged by immediate superiors, individual off job training and self-development by employees to enhance their abilities and improve their overall skill sets.
Working for TRI, you will have an opportunity to match the rapid growth of TRI, and accomplish your individual goals by combining both management responsibilities and personal professional development.Our company uses a dual track promotion system – one for field specialization and one for management skills, allowing you to not only compare your performance, but also evaluate your competency. Whether you aspire toward management responsibilities or you want to expand your technical expertise, TRI will respect your career choices, and provide you with a choice of promotion opportunities.TRI’s internal job exchange system and our network of overseas offices can help you experience different roles and responsibilities. Our biannual performance and career interviews give all TRI employees an opportunity to express their thoughts and vision.