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About Us

Integrity Statement

TRI Group (hereinafter as "TRI") and its headquarters and all branches, representative offices, affiliated enterprises and /or operational organization of any kind, currently existing and/ or to be established in the future. In order to establish an honest trading environment and develop cooperative relations, TRI declares the importance of integrity based on the principles of equity, justice, and openness. TRI prohibits the corruption, bribery or iniquitous and illegal interests during the business process and has the same standard to all the suppliers, including the suppliers’ staff and the company which provides services to TRI or the suppliers. TRI never connive any activities of kickbacks, commission, bribery or any other similar activities. TRI has asked all employees (including the family, relatives and friends) that they are forbidden and never demand, solicit, provide bribes and/or iniquitous and illegal interests to the suppliers& partners.
In the event that you find employees and TRI’s employees who involve in the violation of the honesty and integrity, please contact us as below. TRI will take severe actions in accordance with the law. Tel. No.:00886-2-28328918 Ext.2119 or E-mail: fb@tri.com.tw