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About Us

Company Milestones

Launched  SPI: TR7007D/Q SII.
Launched  AOI: TR7700QH SII and TR7700 SIII Ultra.
Launched  CI AOI: TR7700 SIII Ultra CI.
Launched  AXI: TR7600F2D Plus and TR7600 SV.
Launched  SEMI AOI: TR7900Q SII, TR7900Q SII-R and TR7720S.
Launched  ICT: TR5001E SII.
TR7007 SII Ultra received the 2023 EM Asia Innovation Award for Test Equipment: SPI.
TR7500QE Plus received the 2023 EM Asia Innovation Award for Outstanding Product of the Year.
Launched AOI: TR7500QE Plus.
Launched ICT: TR8100H SII.
Launched Bottom-view AOI: TR7700QB SII.
TRI Joins IPC-DPMX Corporate Members.
TR7007Q Plus SPI received the 2022 EM Asia Innovation Award for Test Equipment: SPI.
TR8100H SII ICT received the 2022 EM Asia Innovation Award for Test Equipment: ICT.
In-house AI participated in MOEA AI AOI program
TRI certified: ISO 14001/27001/45001
Test Research Innovation Vietnam Co., Ltd. established.
Launched SPI: TR7007 SII Ultra.
TR7700QE-S AOI received the 2021 EM Asia Innovation Award for Test Equipment: AOI.
TR7600F3D SII AXI received the 2021 EM Asia Innovation Award for Test Equipment: AXI.
TRI was named Best Supplier of the Year by EM Asia.
Test Research Innovation Vietnam Co., Ltd. established.
TRI certified by IPC CFX.
TR7007QI Plus SPI received the Global Technology Award.
TRI KOREA Co., Ltd. established.
TR5001 SII LED Series ICT won the 2020 IPC APEX Innovation Award and EM Asia Innovation Award.
TR7700Q SII AOI received the 2020 EM Asia Innovation Award for Test Equipment: AOI.
TR7600F3D SII AXI received a Global Technology Award.
Launched ICT: BSI Plus.
Launched SPI: TR7007D Plus and TR7007Q Plus.
Launched AOI: TR7700QE-S and TR7700QM SII.
30th Company Anniversary.
Launched AOI: TR7700Q SII.
Launched AXI: TR7600F3D SII.
TR7700 SV 3D AOI received a Global Technology Award, a 2019 Mexico Technology Award and an Outstanding Product Award of the Year by EM Asia.
TR7700Q 3D AOI (with DFF Technology) received 2018 Circuits Assembly NPI Award.
TR7600F3D AXI received an Innovation Award and TRI was named Best Supplier of the Year by EM Asia.
TR5001 SII Series ICT received 2017 EM Asia Innovation Award and 2017 Circuits Assembly NPI Award.
Launched AOI: TR7700QE and TR7500QE.
Launched CI AOI:  TR7700 SII Plus CI
Launched AXI: TR7600 SIII series and TR7600F3D.
Won 2016 EM Asia Best Supplier Award by reader's choice. This marks the 4th time TRI has been chosen as the Best Supplier of the Year (2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016).
TR5001 SII ICT won 2016 Global Technology Award.
Launched AOI: TR7710 DT.
Launched ICT: TR5001 SII series.
TR7600M SII AXI received 2015 EM Asia Innovation Award.
Launched SPI: TR7007Q, TR7007QI, TR7007D, and TR7007DI.
Launched AOI: TR7700 SII Plus, TR7700Q, and TR7700QI.
TR7007Q 3D SPI received 2015 Global Technology Award.
Launched SPI: TR7007 SII Plus.
Launched AOI: TR7500 SIII 3D and TR7700 SIII 3D.
Launched AXI: TR7600F2D.
Received 2014 Best Supplier Award, TR7007 SII Plus AOI won Asia Innovation Award.
The TR7680 AXI and the TR7007 SII SPI systems received 2013 Best in Test Award.
The TR7600 SII AXI and the TR5001T TINY ICT each won 2012 Best in Test Awards.
Launched AXI: TR7600 X2D and TR7680.
Launched SPI: TR7007 SII.
Launched AOI: TR7550 SII.
Launched AXI: TR7600 SII.
Launched ICT: TR5001T Tiny ICT and TR5001 Inline.
Named one of "Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion" by Forbes Magazine.
The TR7007 SPI system received a 2011 GLOBAL Technology Award from Global SMT & Packaging Magazine.
Test Research Innovation Malaysia Sdn Bhd established.
Launched SPI: TR7007.
Launched AOI: TR7700, TR7550 and TR9000.
Presented paper at International Test Conference (ITC) introducing VregTest solution.
TRI Japan Corporation established.
Establishment of Manufacturing Plant in Linkou, Taiwan.
TRI won the EM Asia Best Supplier Award.
Launched AXI: TR7600 .
TRI Test Research Europe GmbH established.
Launched semiconductor tester: TR6850
Launched AOI: TR7500
Introduced TR7100EP AOI which was honored with the EM Asia Awards.
TRI Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Launched ICT: TR5001V  

YMS (Yield Management System) which utilizes the intelligent Test Software Solutions to combine SPI, AOI, ICT and ATE testing system.  
Launched SPI: TR7006.
Test Research Singapore Pte Ltd established.

Launched semiconductor testers: TR6800.
Launched AOI: TR7100EP.
TR8001 ICT received Taiwan SOE Award.

Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Test Research USA, Inc. established.

Launched semiconductor testers: TR6020 and TR6050.
Launched AOI: TR7100.
Acquired TestJet Technology permanent authorization.

Listed on Taiwan's Over The Counter market.

TRI Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd established.
Launched ICT: TR8001.

Hsinchu design & solutions office established.
Launched semiconductor tester: TR6005.

Chosen as one of the top 100 fast growing major Taiwan enterprises by the CommonWealth

TRI Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd established.

Launched semiconductor tester: TR6010.
Introduced TR518FR MDA which was also honored with SOE Award.
Introduced TR518FE MDA which was honored with the Symbol of Excellence (SOE) Award.
Introduced MDA: TR518 Inline.
Introduced HP TestJet technology and became the first authorized brand in China.
Introduced MDA: TR518F.
D-Link placed order for TR518.
Successful development of TR518 Manufacturing Defects Analyzer.
Founding of Test Research Inc., TRI