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Life at TRI

We believe that balancing both body and mind is vital for our employees to achieve their full potential, improve concentration at work, enjoy their achievements and be ready to meet new challenges. In addition to the various activities held by the welfare committee, TRI’s annual Family Day is an opportunity to gather all TRI family members, and enjoy the time spent together.
Keeping your body healthy fit is very easy as TRI’s offices come with fully equipped gyms reserved for our staff, making both exercise and sanitary equipment freely available.
Situated near MRT and HSR stations, TRI’s offices in Taipei and Hsinchu offer combine convenient location with minimal commute time. All our offices, including TRI’s factory building in Linkou completed in 2008, provide a bright, spacious and comfortable working environment conforming to the latest workspace standards. We follow the Labor Safety and Health Act carefully, we dedicate to provide our employees a safety work environment, you can see green plants everywhere and there is a wall painting make you feel in the jungle, also make our visitors impressed.
Through enterprise information portal, our employees can know the newest information and related resources. Every efficient E-Commerce system is the best assistance to our employees. We also improve our efficiency via technology, Skype, net meeting make the world closer.
Jason’s tea time is one of the event that is held twice a year let our employees realize the condition and the coming challenge we meet, and coherence the common view of the direction we work for.
TRI has a family day event every year. We invite our employees and their families to join the Family day, not only boost the relations also can enhance the coherence of TRI.
Through the regular published TRI speed times (Internal Journal), the employees can know everything happened and activities in TRI, also included the introduction of directors and departments, exhibition we attend, award, a year-end dinner for employees, Family day, the activities and trips held by welfare committee.
TRI respect the satisfaction of our employees, we do a satisfaction survey every year, and we will provide the outcomes to every directors for reference and make an improvement plans, arrange discussions let employees can communicate face to face with their directors.
Besides the hard working, TRI welfare committee set many plans, a grand year-end dinner, and various leisure activities such as clubs, movies, overseas and domestic tourism. You can bring your families and friends play whole year with your colleague. You can have good relationships with others, enjoy your happy life also you can make friends. Except for the leisure times, TRI welfare committee will launch “buy together” and cooperate with some shops, provide the best benefits to our employees.