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About Us

Company Milestones

Established Branch in Guadalajara, Mexico

•  Established 2nd Stage of Manufacturing Plant in Linkou, Taiwan 

Launched SPI: TR7007 SIII


Launched AOI: TR7700QC SII


Launched SEMI AOI: TR7700Q SII-S


Launched SEMI SPI: TR7007Q SII-S


Launched SEMI AXI: TR7600F3D SII Plus


AOI system won EM Asia Innovation Award, TR7700QH SII


AXI system won EM Asia Innovation Award, TR7600LL SV

Established Branch in Bangkok, Thailand
Launched SPI: TR7007D/Q SII
Launched AOI: TR7700QH SII and TR7700 SIII Ultra
Launched CI AOI: TR7700 SIII Ultra CI
Launched AXI: TR7600F2D Plus and TR7600 SV
Launched SEMI AOI: TR7900Q SII, TR790Q SII-R and TR7720S
Launched ICT: TR5001E SII
SPI system won EM Asia Innovation Award, TR7007 SII Ultra
AOI system won EM Asia Innovation Award, TR7500QE Plus
Launched AOI: TR7500QE Plus
•  Launched ICT: TR8100H SII
Launched Bottom-view AOI: TR7700QB SII
TRI Joins IPC-DPMX Corporate Members
•  In-house AI participated in MOEA AI AOI program
•  TRI certified: ISO 14001/27001/45001
Established Branch in Bắc Ninh, Vietnam
Launched SPI: TR7007 SII Ultra
TRI certified by IPC CFX
SPI system won Global Technology Award, TR7007QI Plus
•  Established Branch in Siheung, Korea
AXI system won Global Technology Award, TR7600F3D SII
Launched Semiconductor AOI: TR7700QE-S
Launched AOI: TR7700QM SII
Launched SPI: TR7007Q Plus, TR7007D Plus
Launched ICT: TR5001 SII LED Series
• 30th Company Anniversary
• Launched AOI: TR7700Q SII
• Launched AXI: TR7600F3D SII
1 μm 3D DFF AOI system received Circuits Assembly NPI Award
• Launched AXI: TR7600F3D, TR7600 SIII
• Launched AOI: TR7500QE, TR7700QE
• Launched CI AOI: TR7700 SII Plus CI
ICT system won Global Technology Award, TR5001 SII
Launched ICT: TR5001 SII Series
SPI system received Global Technology
Award, TR7007Q

• SPI system received Best in Test Award, TR7700 SII

• AXI system won Best in Test Award, TR7600 SII

• Named "Asia's 200 Best under a Billion" by Forbes

• Established Branch in Penang, Malaysia

Established Branch in Tokyo, Japan
Established Manufacturing Plant in Linkou, Taiwan
TRI is Awarded Best Supplier of the Year by EM Asia
Launched AXI Product Line: TR7600
Established Branch in Schwabach, Germany
• Launched YMS System

• Launched SPI Product Line: TR7006

• Established Branch in San Jose, CA, USA
• Listed on the Taiwan Stocks Exchange
• Launched AOI Product Line: TR7100

• Established Branch in Suzhou, China

• Launched ICT Product Line: TR8001

• Established Branch in Shenzhen, China

• Honored with the Symbol of Excellence Award

• Launched MDA Product Line: TR518

• Founding of Test Research, Inc.