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About Us

Company Milestones

Launched AOI: TR7500QE Plus
•  Launched ICT: TR8100H SII
Launched Bottom-view AOI: TR7700QB SII
TRI Joins IPC-DPMX Corporate Members
Established Branch in Bắc Ninh, Vietnam
Launched SPI: TR7007 SII Ultra
TRI Certified by IPC CFX
SPI system won Global Technology Award, TR7007QI Plus
AXI system won Global Technology Award, TR7600F3D SII
Launched Semiconductor AOI: TR7700QE-S
Launched AOI: TR7700QM SII
Launched SPI: TR7007Q Plus, TR7007D Plus
Launched ICT: TR5001 SII LED Series
• 30th Company Anniversary
• Launched AOI: TR7700Q SII
• Launched AXI: TR7600F3D SII
1 μm 3D DFF AOI system received Circuits Assembly NPI Award
• Launched AXI: TR7600F3D, TR7600 SIII
• Launched AOI: TR7500QE, TR7700QE
• Launched CI AOI: TR7700 SII Plus CI
ICT system won Global Technology Award, TR5001 SII
Launched ICT: TR5001 SII Series
SPI system received Global Technology
Award, TR7007Q

• SPI system received Best in Test Award, TR7700 SII

• AXI system won Best in Test Award, TR7600 SII

• Named "Asia's 200 Best under a Billion" by Forbes
Established Branch in Tokyo, Japan
Established Manufacturing Plant in Linkou, Taiwan
TRI is Awarded Best Supplier of the Year by EM Asia
Launched AXI Product Line: TR7600
Established Branch in Schwabach, Germany
• Launched YMS System

• Launched SPI Product Line: TR7006

• Established Branch in San Jose, CA, USA
• Listed on the Taiwan Stocks Exchange
• Launched AOI Product Line: TR7100

• Established Branch in Suzhou, China

• Launched ICT Product Line: TR8001

• Established Branch in Shenzhen, China

• Honored with the Symbol of Excellence Award

• Launched MDA Product Line: TR518

• Founding of Test Research, Inc.

Launched ICT: TR8100H SII