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Semiconductor Inspection (SEMI)



Designed for the SEMI Back-end, Mini-LED, C4 Bumps ( ~ 100 μm Ø) and 008004 paste inspection applications, the TR7007Q SII-S is a 3.5 μm high-resolution 25 MP imaging technology platform. Experience improved accuracy and stability, allowing for precise solder measurements and minimizing false calls. The TR7007Q SII-S is equipped with a wide spectrum light system and coaxial lighting to increase the defect detection rate for multiple industry applications. The 3D SEMI SPI supports current Smart Factory Standards, including IPC-CFX and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852).

Applications: Bumps, Flux, Glue, Mini-LED Solder, Solder Paste, Surface

• 3.5 μm High-Resolution 3D SEMI Back-end, Mini-LED and 008004 solder inspection
• Advanced Wide Spectrum Light for Enhanced Contrast and Detection Rate
• Improved Accuracy and Stability for Precise Solder Measurements
• High Precision Inspection for Multiple Applications
• Industry 4.0 Ready Platform
• Ensures clean operation with HEPA Filter*