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Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

TR7600F2D QL


The TR7600F2D QL is built on a new mechanical platform for the inspection of large boards, up to 2100 x 510 mm. Multi
High-Resolution inspections ranging from 5 – 30 µm. The AXI is also equipped with a specialized 2D Camera that supports automotive applications like barcode reading and fiducial detection.
The TR7600F2D QL can reliably detect defects in BGAs, Capacitors, Chips, WLCSP, DIMM Connectors, Flip-Chips, Ground Pads, Gullwing, Heat sinks, J-Leads, LED Chips, LGAs, Paladin Connector, Resistor, RNET, SiP, SMT Connectors, SOIC, SOT, Thermal Pad, QFNs, QFP and THTs.

• Large Board Size Inspection, Up to 2100 x 510 mm
• Flexible Multi-Resolution Platform: 5 – 30 µm
• Inline fine-tuning without interrupting production
• AI-Powered Inspection algorithms for precise defect detection
• 2D Camera for barcode reading, fiducial detection, and bare board marking in the Automotive sector
• Smart Factory Ready for Easy MES Connectivity
• Applications: Server Board, LED Boards, Automotive ECU and more