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半導體檢測機 (SEMI)



The TR7700Q SII-S is the next-generation AI-powered Inspection platform for the Semiconductor & Advanced Packaging Industry. The 3D SEMI AOI is enhanced with metrology capabilities and multiple imaging technologies to achieve full coverage inspection. The 2.5 μm High Resolution platform solution can inspect wire diameters of up to 15 μm (0.6 mil). The 3D AOI supports current Smart Factory Standards, including IPC-CFX and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852).

Inspection for: wire bonding, die bonding, ball bonding, ribbon bond, wedge bond, SiP, underfill, SMD, bumps, and solder joints.

• 2.5 μm High-Resolution 3D SEMI Back-end AOI
• Precise Metrology-Grade Measurements*
• AI-powered Inspection with AI Smart Programming*
• Inspection of Au, Al, Ag, and Cu Wires down to 15 μm dimensions
• Bond Inspection: ball bond, wedge bond, and ribbon bond
• Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Lighting to detect inner cracks and chipping*
• Industry 4.0 Ready Platform