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About Us

Smart Factory Solutions


M2M Connectivity

TRI solutions securely connect to other machines and share data between production line machines. TRI Inspection solutions generate data sets from the SPI, AOI, AXI, and ICT results to optimize data analytics, management and traceability. The generated inspection data results can aid in the reveal patterns and trends by facilitating the share of the data sets to MES applications and other third party applications, such as Metrology Applications.

Closed Loop   MES Customization

TRI systems offer data feeds to SMT line equipment in a feedback and a feed-forward loop.
TRI solutions generate Big Data for your MES Applications to improve your Production Yield Rate.

Industry Partners

TRI is actively participating in the development and adaptation of the emerging and pioneers Industry 4.0 and M2M Communication Standards. TRI solutions are compliant with Industry 4.0 standards like the IPC-Hermes-9852 and IPC-CFX.


Shared Inspection Library

Securely upload and distribute efficiently the inspection configuration between different machines. Manage the test and Inspection library configuration from the Shared Inspection Library to ease and speed up setup of new machines and production lines.

Smart Review System

Strengthens the decision process. Improved the efficiency of the operator decision, this less operators will be needed, reducing the overall management cost.

AI Solutions                                                       

AI Station

Reduce human error and false calls with TRI's Deep Learning technology to automatically fine tune the inspection parameters.

AI Verify Host

The AI Verify Host is a Smart Repair Station that reduces the need for manual re-inspection and lowers the operational costs. The 24/7 AI-powered repair station enhances the production process by lowering the false calls and provides real-time data analytics of the inspection status.


Yield Management System 4.0

Smart Central Monitoring Solution

Yield Management System 4.0 (YMS 4.0) is TRI's Smart Factory software that interconnects test and inspection solutions from SPI, AOI, and AXI to ICT. YMS 4.0 promotes continuous improvement of the production line's yield rate by offering statistical analysis of production line defect rates, reviewing and fine-tuning inspection results, and identifying component defect trends and emerging production issues.
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Portable monitoring experience for your production line's inspection data and alarm notifications. User-friendly interface to access real-time statistical data such as the yield rate, inspection images, top defects and top defective components from the comfort of your mobile device.