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About Us

AI-powered Inspection

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential tool towards no false calls and no escapes. AI facilitates predictive decision-making similar to an expert or experienced operator, increasing inspection accuracy by up to 90%. TRI's AI-powered solutions offer revolutionary inspection algorithms, automated fine-tuning, and a Smart Repair Station.

AI Programming


AI Verify Host

The AI Verify Host is a Smart Repair Station that reduces the need for manual re-inspection and lowers operational costs. The AI-powered repair station can continuously operate while lowering the false calls, and providing real-time data analytics of the inspection status.

AI Station


AI Training Tool

Inspection Programming is limited to the operator's knowledge; The AI Station fills this gap by performing AI-powered inspection with existing AI Models. Thus, optimizing the inspection increases efficiency and lowers the operational cost for the experienced workforce.

Generates AI Models with existing and reviewed Inspection Data. The AI Models recognize certain patterns from the collected data for analytical and decision-making tasks. The AI Model generated by TRI's Training Tool can be deployed on TRI's Verify Host and AI Station.


AI-Powered Inspection

AI Cosmetic Inspection   AI Wire Bond Detection

AI-powered inspection can detect subtle imperfections on the board's surface, making it essential for a full coverage inspection. This technology can be used for cosmetic defects, as well as detecting foreign materials.

The innovative algorithms detect wire bonding defects such as unbonded, missing wire, broken wire, wedge placement, ball-off pad, ball diameter, and more.

AI Lifted Lead Inspection   AI AXI Algorithms

Conventional algorithms, including color comparison and height measurements for lifted lead detection, have a high escape rate. AI inspection achieves virtually 100% classification of these defects.

TRI's AXI are equipped with AI algorithms, which are superior to the commonly used gray-level based algorithms. The AI algorithm can accurately detect void and open defects.



AI Deep Learning Optical Character Recognition (DLOCR) recognizes hard-to-identify characters after enhanced training, such as low contrast transparent text. This AI solution also includes text substituting, editing grammar, similar word settings, and more.