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About Us

Semiconductor Industry

The miniaturization of electronics components demands higher resolution and drives the production to increase the need for precise inspection solutions. TRI inspection platforms have robust metrology capabilities that enable high-reliability inspection, lowering the false call rates.



Inspection For:


Advanced Packaging Defect Detection
Die Bonding
Defects: Missing Die, Die Reverse, Die Shift, Die Rotation, Die Tilt, Die Chipping, Die Crack, Scratch Die, Contamination, Excess Epoxy, Insufficient Epoxy and Epoxy on Product.

Wire Bonding
Defects: Broken Wire, Wire Short, Wire Sweep/Sink, Missing/Excess Wire, Ball Bond Diameter, Stitch Width, Stitch Coverage over Ball, Ball Bond Cannot Touch Pad Edge, Bond on Contamination/FM, Bump/Ball/Stitch Lifting and Neck Broken.


AI Wire Detection

TRI Smart Inspection Solutions uses AI-powered algorithms to detect wire bonding. The AI algorithms detect defects such as un-bonded, missing wire, broken wire, wedge placement, ball-off pad, ball diameter, and more.


Metrology Inspection

Easily create formulas with dimensional measurements, inspection parameters, and real measurement values to achieve a more precise inspection with less false calls and lower escape inspection. Metrology enables big data and Improves data traceability, ultimately improving the yield rate.


Optimal Focus Inspection

TRI's 3D Imaging Technology Depth from Focus (DFF) searches for the optimal focus position and measures the depth of the image to achieve sharp inspection images. The 3D technology supports 0.5 μm/1 μm ultra-high-resolution inspection to defect defects related to the loop height, low landing, sagged wire, clubbed ball, and more.