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About Us

Automotive Industry

Intelligent Inspection solutions ranging from Coplanarity to 3D CT X-Ray Inspection are essential for the Automotive Industry. THT components are popular in the Automotive Industry; detect PIN shifts and height measurements with TRI's Inspection Solutions. Test LED Headlights with TRI's In-Circuit Testers LED Analyzers. 


 Inspection Features

High Accuracy Inspection

Pin Inspection BGA Inspection
THT Inspection Side View Inspection

Automotive Lighting

LED Package LED Void  
  TRI's Optical inspection Technologies can precisely
measure the LED strips coplanarity to ensure their
  LED Analyzer
Easily measure simultaneously for Color and
Brightness, up to 800 lumen, with TRI's ICT LED
Analyzer Solutions, up to 1080 LEDs Channels per

ECU Tests

TRI's board testers can perform CAN-LIN bus tests to inspect modern vehicles' electronic control units (ECU), such as the multi-display In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system.

CAN/LIN Bus application: Steering wheel, Sensors, fan motors, Air conditioner, Door controllers, seat motors, headlights, and more.

Reduce Operator Re-inspection

Flexible Production Line Solutions