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About Us

Telecommunications Industry

With new technical innovations, such as 5G and AIoT, new requirements arise; integrated boards with multilayer and double-sided boards will become more common. TRI's Optical Inspection and Board Test solutions provide the EMS industry with accurate and full-range capabilities.



Inspection For:


Full Coverage Inspection

 The thickness, density, and complexity of the PCBA throughout the telecommunication network industry vary greatly depending on the application. TRI's test and inspection solutions guarantee reliable and quality results, detecting defects ranging from advanced ICs, SiP, Press-Fit Connectors, HDI, and more.


High Accuracy BGA Inspection

TRI solutions can inspect individual slices' absolute area, shape, and compare it to the nearest BGA. The HiP defect algorithm considers multiple slices simultaneously, quantifying, and comparing the profile of the BGA.


Press-Fit Connector

The telecommunications industry commonly uses press-fit connectors because they assure electrical and mechanical reliability. TRI's AXI solutions can accurately inspect and detect missing, insufficient penetration, and askew in press-fit connectors.


Foreign Material Detection

Reduce false calls and perform no escape inspections with the foreign inspection detection functionality. TRI's optical Inspection solutions auto learns the PCBA design to identify the extra components, solder balls, fibers, and any other foreign object, thus eliminating these defects.


Board Testing For Telecom Electronics
Boundary Scan
TRI's Board Tester solutions implement IEEE 1149.1 & 1149.6 Boundary-Scan testing beginning with TRI's Automatic Boundary Scan Test program Generator. Virtual nails tests for RAM, ROM, TTL, and TREE devices and IEEE1149.6 Test. Simplify chained DUT testing using software TAP routing in TRI Virtual Chain Boundary-Scan Test.

High-Density Pin Count Board Test
The TR8000 Series Board Testers are TRI's solution for the high-density pin count boards of the telecommunications network PCBAs.