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About Us

Industry Applications


Semiconductor &

Packaging Industry


The miniaturization of electronics components demands higher resolution and drives the production to increase the need for precise inspection solutions. TRI inspection platforms have robust metrology capabilities that enable high-reliability inspection, lowering the false call rates.

Automotive Industry

From metrology to high coverage inspection x-ray scan are essential for the Automotive Industry. THT components are popular in the Automotive Industry; TRI’s solutions detect PIN shifts and height measurements through 3D Inspection. TRI solutions also can test automotive LEDs and modern vehicles ECUs (Electronic Control Units) through CAN-LIN bus tests.




With new technical innovations, such as 5G and AIoT, new requirements arise; integrated boards with multilayer and double-sided boards will become more common. TRI's solutions provide the EMS industry with accurate and full-range capabilities..

LED Industry

Ensure a precise measurement of the LED chips and LED strings placement with TRI’s coplanarity algorithms. TRI solutions can easily measure colors and brightness simultaneously, up to 1080 LEDs channels per test.

Consumer Electronics

TRI's Solutions provide a competitive edge to customers to meet the demands of the Consumer Electronics industry. Accurate inspection algorithms help reduce the cycle time, rework and cost of the production line. TRI's Smart Inspection Library promotes fast deployment and enhances the production quality and throughput.

Medical Industry

As a high fidelity industry, the Medical EMS, require high reliability and flexible algorithms for alignment, measurement, inspection and recognition. TRI Inspection Solutions deliver traceable world-class Gage R&R, high performance, accurate and reliable Inspection results.