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About Us

Industry 4.0 Solution

Smart Factory Software

TRI's solution for the new trend of Industry 4.0 serves its purpose as the central management system for the entire production line's Inspection. With the rapid adoption of new technologies in electronics manufacturing such as Inspection solutions customers receive more information regarding their production lines. TRI's Yield Management System offers the PCB manufacturing industry an integrated solution for your PCB inspections SPI, AOI, AXI and ICT.

YMS 4.0 provides centralized inspection monitoring and remote access fine tuning throughout the SMT line. Built-in support for SPI, AOI, AXI and ICT systems helps track Alarms and SPC data to simplify production quality monitoring.

The Yield Management System allows operators to aggregate information from individual TRI inspection systems for statistical analysis of production line defect rates, reviewing and fine-tuning inspection results, and identifying component defect trends and emerging production issues.

TRI's YMS 4.0 makes all relevant data available any time from Solder Inspection to MDA testing in a closed loop to lower the cost of production. Assure your process integration and optimization with TRI's Closed loop YMS 4.0.