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New Advanced Packaging 3D CT AXI Solution


[January 3, 2024 – Taipei, Taiwan] Test Research, Inc. (TRI) proudly announces the launch of the SEMI 3D CT AXI solution, TR7600F3D SII Plus, marking a paradigm shift in precision and reliability for high-reliability electronics manufacturing, such as the Advanced Packaging Industry.

The TR7600F3D SII Plus’s cutting-edge technology integrates a next-generation 110kv X-ray source, 3 - 25 µm High Multi-Resolution, AI-powered inspection algorithms, elevating defect detection to unparalleled levels of precision.

The SEMI 3D CT AXI equipment ensures meticulous inspection across various components, including BGA, QFN, SiP, PTH, PoP, Wire, and Die Bond, setting a new industry standard for comprehensive analysis. The 3D AXI TR7600F3D SII Plus is designed for the inspection of High-reliability electronics manufacturing industries such as Advanced Packaging, Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical. For the Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Industry the SEMI 3D CT AXI can precisely inspect the IC Packagings interconnect such as Micro / C4 Bumps.

3D CT Inspection
Void Detection

Engineered for seamless communication, the system features EtherCAT for enhanced connectivity and Smart Board Warpage Control, ensuring precise board alignment. The TR7600F3D SII Plus seamlessly integrates with Smart Factory production lines and the MES of your choice, ensuring compatibility and future-proofing your production processes. The newly released AXI supports current Smart Factory Standards, including the IPC-CFX, IPC-DPMX, and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852).
For more information about the TR7600F3D SII Plus,  please visit,
About TRI

Test Research, Inc. (TRI) provides the most cost-effective solutions to meet a comprehensive range of manufacturing test and inspection requirements, from Automatic Test and Inspection solutions to Board Testing. Learn more at http://www.tri.com.tw. For sales and service information, please write to us at marketing@tri.com.tw or call +886-2-2832 8918.