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TRI to share Industry Insights at TestForum 2023


[October 31, 2023 – Nuremberg, Germany] Test Research, Inc. (TRI) will take part in the 2023 Nordic Test Forum (NTF), held at the Best Western in Vilnius, Lithuania from November 28 - 29, 2023.

Anthony Wang, TRI's European Managing Director, will share insight on TRI's Depth from Focus (DFF), AOM solution for pin test on THT, AXI, AI, and ICT inline solutions.

TRI's Board Testing Solutions stand out with world-class accuracy, high throughput, and intuitive flowchart-based programming. The Board Testing systems combine MDA, ICT, and FCT functionalities in one platform, streamlining production and reducing costs. With up to 11,088 testing points, these ICT platforms handle various tests like On-Board Programming, Boundary Scan, LED Analyzer, low-voltage testing, V/I Measurement, CAN/LIN Bus Tests, Frequency Counter, MIC Test, Battery Emulator, Audio Analyzer, DAQ, Active Load, AC Power Source, and more.

TRI's Optical Solutions provide precise metrology measurements, catering to diverse applications in the electronics manufacturing industry. Metrology plays a crucial role in accurate measurement and inspection processes, meeting the increasing demand for reliability in critical sectors like automotive and aerospace.

Pin Alignment

3D Height Profile

Realize your production line's potential with TRI's PCBA Test and Inspection and Smart Factory Solutions to minimize downtime, optimize production quality, and reduce operator workload.
About TRI

Test Research, Inc. (TRI) offers the most robust product portfolio in the industry for Automatic Test and Inspection solutions. From SPI, AOI, and 3D AXI systems to MDA, ICT, and FCT, TRI provides the most cost-effective solutions to meet a comprehensive range of manufacturing Test and Inspection requirements. Learn more at http://www.tri.com.tw. For sales and service information, please write to us at trieurope@tri.com.tw or call +49 9119 4017827.

About Nordic TestForum

Nordic Test Forum (NTF) is a society for people in the Nordic countries, working in electronics test. It is a forum for exchanging ideas, news and knowledge. The NTF board arranges open meetings with specific topics expected to be of interest for the members. Learn more at http://www.nordictestforum.org/.