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Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

TR7600 SII

TR7600 SII
  • TR7600 SII
TR7600 SII


Featuring advanced automated 3D X-ray inspection of PCBAs, the TR7600 SII high speed scanning with multiple resolutions in a single program. Enhanced 3D inspection with planar CT imaging can provide a clear visual analysis of shape irregularities and voiding problems. Automatic Pass/Fail determination uses 2D + 3D images provided using 6-axis control and ultra-high-speed multiple angle cameras with automatic board warp compensation. TR7600 SII is ideal for inspection of fine pitch 01005 components, BGAs, 2/3-layer PoPs, LGAs and other bottom termination components on both sides of the PCBA, including complex Pressfit connectors.
  •  • High speed cameras – 3x faster inspection speed than TR7600
     • X-ray tube with adjustable output up to 130 kV/300 µA
     • Block scan for selective scanning of components in higher resolutions
     • Multiple angle cameras for 2D + 3D slice images using Digital Tomosynthesis
     • Exclusive Image enhancement technology for clear Pressfit inspection
  •  • CT inspection upgrade